How to avoid debit and credit card frauds?

Plastic money is very common used in our daily transactions which includes usage of Debit and credit cards but debit and credit card frauds have become a common problem today. Many people are stuck with issues after it gets misused. So here are some of the steps you can take to get rid of debit and credit card frauds.

SBI Bank Credit Card

  • Take care where you use the cards.

It’s always best to use credit cards for online shopping. However, if you use the debit card for shopping online, then you are giving the hackers access to your bank account details. This is a risky situation because the potential hacker can use the information to wipe out the account. Therefore use the credit cards for a safer online shopping experience. It will also offer protection against fraud.

  • Be wary of ATMs that are sketchy.

The ATMs that are not near to a bank can be avoided at best. For instance, these types of ATMs will charge an amount for each of the transactions, and it will eat the cash in your account. The hackers will also use the ATMs to rob the debit card numbers. It is also easy for thieves to make use of the run down ATMs in remote places, so if you are using an ATM in a remote location which is asking your PIN twice and ask unrelated questions then it is advised to end that transaction.

  • Hide PINs

If you are using the ATM or utilizing handheld machines, it is always best to cover the pin from others. It is awkward to do, but it is one of the simple ways to safeguard the pin. Some fraudsters set up cameras hidden in public sites to get pins from people. Hide the pin when you type it in public places.

  • Let the bank know if you are visiting places.

It is always a good idea to alert the bank if you move. This is the best way to avoid the bank shutting down the card. Importantly if any fraudulent purchases are made, the card will get declined instantly without any loss of time. This is because if the bank is aware that you are out of the hometown, the fraudulent purchases happening in your area will be notified to it, and necessary actions will be taken.

  • Check the activity of the card frequently.

In case of the debit card fraud, you have sixty days from the fraudulent activity to notify the back. Alert the bank if there is a fraudulent charge in your account statement, but the card and the pin are not stolen. However, on the other hand, if the pin or card is lost, you have only two business days for reporting the problem. The liable rate is less for the fraudulent charges, but if you wait longer than two days, then the rate is high.

Lastly, to avoid credit and debit card frauds, it is always better to be always on the safe side by being extra careful during transactions. Still if you are trapped in a fraud you should consult an expert like Mr. Sanjay Choudhary who is an expert in providing financial advises to the clients on credit card and debit card frauds. For more updates follow him at