About Us

Financial System is a major part of any country. Even in India, people depend hugely on Financial Services. Banking Service is one such domain where people need a lot of facilities and services. Apart from that, people in India are also moving toward investment needs. The problem is that there is a lack of knowledge about financial needs.

For most of the Indians, Fixed Deposit is still the best way to invest money. Whereas, there are ways which can help you in earning returns as high as 18%. To cover up your financial needs, we decided to come up with a block and this is when we incepted the idea of Financepedia. Like Wikipedia is the answer to all your general queries, Financepedia is the answer to your financial queries.

We have started covering all the finance related topics on our blog so that you can check the details that you need without having to wonder search various websites to get accurate information. We have also integrated a search button on our homepage so that you can easily search for the topics that you need.

We compile information from the original source so that you do not have to rely on third-party information which can often be wrong. So, welcome to the world of finance and we hope to serve you in the best possible way with your financial needs. You can browse through different categories and find what you need. We are slowing expanding the knowledge base available on our website for you.